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Monday 26 November 2012

VIEWED: Lincoln (not by me)

My trailer review for Lincoln said:

"The trailer for Lincoln had so much going for it.  You know Spielberg is a master.  Daniel Day Lewis and the rest of the cast are great.  And, Abe's story and the impact he had on America and the world are inspiring.  Maybe the release of this film is timely, historically speaking.

Maybe I'm being a sentimental sap right now, even though the wife says I have no feelings, but I was moved by this trailer and am eager to see this film on the big screen."

The wife saw this with our 14 year old little brother (Big Brother's program) on Saturday.

She said, "it was a great film and Daniel Day Lewis should win an Oscar."

I said, "like every other Oscar winning actor who does an impersonation of someone else?"

She said, "you're an ass."

Our little brother said, "It was too long and I kept waiting for him to get shot."

PLEASE NOTE:  The views of the wife (and the little brother) do not necessarily reflect the views of Beerbohmtastic.

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