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Monday 19 November 2012

The 9th

Thanks for sending this...

The teaser trailer for The 9th was recently sent to me. The full trailer will be available shortly, but sometimes I prefer just viewing the teaser.

It seems like reviewing independent film trailers has taken up the bulk of this blog.  It's awesome! Please keep sending your teasers and trailers and I'll keep reviewing them!

They say that there are no original ideas left. Remake after remake, sequel after sequel after prequel confirms this.  I'm finding that this is not the case with the independent film trailers that I've had the pleasure of reviewing.

I really enjoy how the independent film trailers that I've been reviewing seem so much more fresh and interesting than most of the mainstream film trailers I'm used to. It's like, generally speaking, that mainstream film is just formulaic and every movie is pretty much the same, within it's own genre - because it sells? Think about all the political thrillers, dramas, even horror movies - okay Cabin in the Woods was different, but I did say "generally speaking." The trailers are all the same formula and the films are pretty much the same. I hate to say this, because I love comic book movies, but even my beloved comic book movie trailers are all pretty much the same, too.

Inspired by the music of Earl "Fatha" Hines, a jazz pianist from the 1930's, The 9th was a really cool teaser trailer.  Watching the less than 1 minute teaser felt like sitting in the window seat of a slow moving train through an urban setting, peeping through the windows of a posh apartment building.  There are no voices or dialogue, only the music from another era. And, what you see are well-dressed people, some doing "naughty" things, some apparently dying, some with weapons, some preparing to commit crimes or actually committing them and in the end, Champagne. Not all of the images made sense,  like the man in the tuxedo standing with mannequins dressed like police officers - but it made for a very cool visual.

I watched the trailer a second time because I found the visuals to be very interesting. The second time around made me think of Agatha Christie.  I'm not sure why.  It appears that there is a formal gathering of some kind and clearly foul play is afoot. That's what the trailer left me with.

The teaser trailer for The 9th worked, well.  I look forward to seeing more.

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