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Thursday 22 March 2012

Jeff Who Lives at Home

This has been a month of firsts at Beerbohmtastic...

I randomly chose one of the 2+ minute trailers for Jeff Who Lives at Home (there were a few) and within the trailer, film "teasers" were interspersed with the actors and film makers telling me what a great, fresh, human, orginal comedy this is.  I'm not sure if this is brilliant or annoying, but it was like getting the bonus features from the DVD during the trailer.  Not being one who cares much for bonus features, though the wife likes the blooper reel, this left me thinking that, not only was the trailer trying to sell me the movie, but the stars and film makers were too.

Do I believe the makers of instant coffee when they tell me it tastes like fresh brewed?  Do I believe that instant espresso is blasphemy?  Hell, Yeah! Do I build a castle on a swamp because the real estate agent tells me it's prime, investment land?   I might believe a trusted source who says, "you must try this coffee" or "check out this investment opportunity." 

This tactic of having the stars and film makers appear in the trailer is very different from quotes that appear on the screen during a trailer.  You know, like, "A tour de force," ABC News, "A comedic masterpiece," LA Times, "It was good..." Toronto Sun, "I love this f**king movie!" Quentin Tarantino.

I then watched another trailer for Jeff Who Lives at Home and it had none of the "bonus features."  I was glad because you know what? It was a pretty good trailer.

It's a simple story about a 30ish man (Jason, let me show you my penis, Segal) who is trying to find meaning while living in his  mom's basement, while his brother is going through a crisis - buys a Porsche and discovers his wife may be having an affair.  Susan Saranden plays the mother.  She's such a great actress.  It's funny to think that she got her start way back in the 70s with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Though it seemed a little like a smarter version of Our Idiot Brother, there also seemed to be a certain substance to this film.

Sometimes what seems like an unoriginal story or just a forum for an actor to act like a goof, turns out to surprise you.  The trailer for this one, the one without the sales pitch, actually made me want to see the film.  That's what a trailer is supposed to do, is it not?  Nice job.


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