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Monday 19 March 2012

Being Flynn

Another first at Beerbohmtastic... a 2:26 trailer that didn't seem too long?  Actually, it didn't seem long enough!  And, potentially a 2013 Beerbohm Award nominee for Best Trailer. 

Why is Robert De Niro completely believable in every role?  With every role he takes on, he shows more and more why he is one of the greatest actors of our time. In Being Flynn, he is gentle, articulate, compelling, and very convincing in his "madness." He even says "all poets are mad."   It's funny because in certain roles, De Niro is not often what I would have pictured, but he never seems to disappoint. I love this guy - he's an icon.

Paul Dano was in a few things that I'd seen, including Little Miss Sunshine, which is one of the few films that I actually own (wife bought it, but still...). I like his intensity.

While Julianne Moore will always be Maude Lebowski to me, there is no doubt that she is a talented actress that likes to drop the laundry on occasion. That's good enough for me.

Being Flynn is the "true story" of a young man in search of self, having lost his father to absenteeism through artist's madness and losing his mother to untimely death.  From the trailer, we see the young man learning about his father through his father's writing and, despite the sense of loss, wanting to be a writer, too.  As an adult, his journey leads him to a homeless shelter where he is, in a way, reunited with his father. 

Any father/son making peace story is difficult to watch. I try to avoid them. The last scene of Field of Dreams when Costner has a "catch" with his dead father turns the fountain on for me every time. It's the only movie I ever cried at the end of. The final sequence of Big Fish, though I only got choked up, was a close second. There are few things more embarrassing to me than watching a man cry during or after a movie or being that man crying.

There is so much about Being Flynn that looks promising.  I know that the wife will want to see this, likely together.  I only hope that there is no embarrassment involved, niether mine nor anyone else in the cinema.

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