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Thursday 22 August 2013

VIEWED: The Wolverine

My trailer review for The Wolverine said...

"The coolest part of the trailer is when Wolverine squares off against what looks to be a robot.  It made me think of Real Steel, which I begrudgingly liked.  It also made me think of monsters vs. robots as in Pacific Rim... sigh.

I enjoyed the trailer very much and even if I didn't, nothing could stop me... not even the wife... from seeing The Wolverine."

The wife let me choose a movie, other than Pacific Rim, last night.  I chose The Wolverine.

The coolest part of the trailer, when Wolverine squares off against the robot Samurai was okay, but better in the trailer than in the film.  This movie just didn't feel like, or do any justice to the excellence that is the X-Men franchise.   On the contrary, it cheapened it to the point where I'm not sure I'll see another Wolverine movie.  That sucks because Wolverine is my favourite character in X-Men AND as I mentioned in the trailer review, represents the inner struggle of every man.  He's a true anti-hero and it works beautifully.

While the spirit of The Wolverine is sort of captured in the film.  The spirit of X-Men is completely lost. We leave the world where humans and mutants struggle to co-exist and enter the world of Japanese corporate power, government corruption and the Yakuza (Japanese mob).  And somehow they are, at one moment working together and at another killing each other.  Don't get me wrong, the story wasn't confusing at all, just kind of... well... dumb.  Dumb, other than The Wolverine coming to terms with who his is... for now... until the next film.

That said, Jackman was good - he really is Wolverine.  The supporting cast was solid, though the villain mutant, Viper, seemed void of any substance, she was almost hollow... maybe that's the point of a reptile?

The Wolverine, for me, was a huge disappointment.

I asked the wife what she thought of The Wolverine.  She said, "next time I'm choosing the movie."

I said, "next time I'm seeing Pacific Rim alone."

We drove home in silence.

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