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Tuesday 6 August 2013

2 Guns

The wife wants to see this one so once again I will not see Pacific Rim... Nevermind Pacific Rim, I still haven't seen Man of Steel or The Lone Ranger, and I haven't even reviewed the trailers for World War Z or The Wolverine 2 or The Wolverine Also or Also The Wolverine...

You know, I should just be thankful that she loves me and shut up.  I asked her uncle, who has been married for more than 30 years what the secret of a successful marriage is.  He said, "Mike, the secret to a successful marriage is: shut the f**k up.  That's the secret..."

There were two trailers for 2 Guns.  One was about a minute and a half and the other was over 3 minutes.  I ONLY watched the short one and that is the one I'm reviewing here.

So, here's the deal: undercover DEA agent, Denzel and undercover Navy Intelligence agent, Wahlberg, rob a bank that happened to hold money - $42.15 million to be exact - that belonged to the CIA and now everyone wants them dead, except the CIA who just want their money back.

The story seems really far fetched, even if you're a conspiracy theorist.

The chemistry between the seemingly mismatched stars, Denzel and Wahlberg actually looked pretty good. Wahlberg's characters work when he maintains a sort of naive innocence, like in this trailer.  Denzil always plays it smart and cool and it works for him.

The trailer was filled with smart ass remarks and stunts but for some reason I felt that all the best stunts were saved for the minute-and-a-half trailer.  I can't imagine what more the 3 minute trailer could tell me and show me that wouldn't completely spoil this one.

But seriously, even the short trailer tells it all.  It looks like they are double crossed by their respective organizations and now must team up in order to survive.  The only thing that is left to be answered is whether they get the money to the CIA but, if the sequence is correct in the trailer, it kind of looks like Denzel blows it up.

I'm not sure where this movie will go beyond what the short trailer told me/spoiled for me.  I expressed this to the wife and she said, "we are not seeing Pacific Rim."

If I had a choice I wouldn't see 2 Guns.

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