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Wednesday 7 August 2013

VIEWED: 2 Guns

My trailer review for 2 Guns - in case your "scroll down" doesn't work - said...

"But seriously, even the short trailer tells it all.  It looks like they are double crossed by their respective organizations and now must team up in order to survive.  The only thing that is left to be answered is whether they get the money to the CIA but, if the sequence is correct in the trailer, it kind of looks like Denzel blows it up...  I'm not sure where this movie will go beyond what the short trailer told me/spoiled for me.  I expressed this to the wife and she said, 'we are not seeing Pacific Rim.'

If I had a choice I wouldn't see 2 Guns."

In all fairness, there was a bit more to it than what the short trailer showed, but really not much more.  It was mildly entertaining.  It had a good combination of humour and action and the supporting cast, especially Bill Paxton, were solid.

However, all the best stunts were in the short trailer - actually the gist of the movie, including outcome, was in the short trailer. If I had seen the 3 minute trailer, I likely wouldn't have had to see the film...

The only other thing I can remember from seeing it... um....yesterday is: it seemed much longer than the 1hr, 49 min. run time. I actually looked at my watch twice.

As we were leaving the cinema, I asked the wife what she thought of 2 Guns.

She said, "it was better than I expected."

I responded with, "better than you expected!? You mean you took me to a movie that you had low expectations for instead of Pacific Rim? Seriously? Unfreakingbelievable!"

She raised an eyebrow.

I haven't quite learned that the secret to a successful marriage is: shut the f**k up.

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