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Wednesday 8 January 2014

American Hustle

It's been a while since I've reviewed a trailer.  It's been a while since I've raved about a trailer.  Maybe I've forgotten just how frustrating trailers can be... This one was not frustrating at all.

Is there any role that Christian Bale cannot fully embrace and make brilliant? The Fighter? The Machinist? American Psycho? Batman? Reign of Fire? The killer in "Shaft"?  I can think of only one actor that can drastically change his physical appearance for a role:  Robert De Niro (who has a cameo in this film, by the way).  Need I say more? If Bale doesn't win an Oscar during his career than the Academy is flawed... wait a minute... has Depp won an Oscar, yet?

The trailer for American Hustle gives away enough without giving away anything.  There is a story that intertwines hustlers with politicians and the FBI. There is some kind of sting operation and we learn from the trailer that every character's motives are different.  There are great clips that provide insight into each character and they are all convincing.

It was thoroughly refreshing to watch this trailer.  I was sucked in by the look and feel, but more so by how Christian Bale looked and spoke. Amy Adams showed sexy intensity, Bradley Cooper continues to impress as he plays another asshole.  Jennifer Lawrence plays the Jersey bombshell wife perfectly.  It's a nice change from Katniss. Louis C.K. is hilariously deadpan, and Jeremy Renner gives a best supporting actor Oscar worthy performance. New respect for Renner.  He really is that good.

As I said, It's been a while since I've reviewed a trailer but I can say with confidence that the trailer for American Hustle is one of the best I've seen in recent memory...

Oh, and the wife says we'll be seeing it tonight.

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