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Monday 10 June 2013

Truth or Dare (New Trailer)

Truth or Dare is a new film by Scream Queen, Jessica Cameron and it looks like it's almost ready go!  Thanks for sending the update....

Here's my comment on the original teaser for Truth or Dare trailer:

"The teaser for Truth or Dare is just that, a teaser. It gives a small glimpse of the potential for this story. A story, I'm guessing, where lines are crossed and blurred...  When there are no rules there is nothing to bend - only pushing boundaries until something breaks. It seems like more than bones will be broken in Truth or Dare, likely spirits, too."

The second teaser was literally torture with a clear message.

The new trailer for Truth or Dare has much more polish.   It's interesting how we can watch with wonder, repulsion and even thrill, horrible acts on a screen. Torture, murder, acts of senseless violence. When we know it isn't real, it makes it easier to digest.  When it becomes to easy to digest, does that mean we become desensitized? Yet, if the horrible acts are real, do the desensitized look away?  I didn't look away while watching the teaser...

But what happens when we are so morbidly fascinated that we partake in the acts? Truth or Dare is an extreme look at a place where we are so desensitized that the only way to become sensitized is to become the morbid that we are so fascinated with. J.G. Ballard has some thoughts on this in his book, Crash... but that's for another discussion.

As for Truth or Dare, let's just say it's fun and games until someone loses an eye... or a leg... or a life...

Have a look.

And best of luck with the film, Ms. Cameron.

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