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Monday 22 February 2016


Oscar Best Picture Nominee #8:  Spotlight

And I thought the trailer for Room was emotional.  FFS, this trailer made me want to cry.  The abuse of power, breach of trust and abusive, selfish corruption of innocent children is both infuriating and heartbreaking. 

One scene in the trailer shows a man holding a picture of a child and saying, "how do you say no to God?"  The magnitude of the abuse of power is mind boggling for me.  As a parent and human being I had trouble sitting through this trailer.

While the cast is great and the story horrific, I can't get past the pure evil of the crimes committed and the shocking attempt to cover it all up.  We hear about this type of abuse often and thank God there are law enforcement agencies out there hunting down these perpetrators...f**king animals, really. Paedophilia is the most heinous of acts and crimes. To destroy innocence in such a horrible way should be punishable, first by castration, then by slow death.  The punishment should fit the crime.  Sadly, in most societies the legal system continues to fail the victims.  

If a trailer is measured by what it tells you and how it makes you feel, then this trailer was powerful and effective. That said, I don't know if I have the stomach or heart to see this film.

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