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Monday 25 February 2013

VIEWED: Silver Linings Playbook

My review for the Silver Linings Playbook trailer said...

"Up until the dance stuff, I really liked the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook... This will likely be a date night movie, and like all date night movies, it will be the wife's choice.

The wife took me to see this on our date night last week.  Yes, it was her choice.

I actually enjoyed it up until the dance stuff.  

I realize that the dance element was probably just a metaphor for change, growth, healing, acceptance... whatever:  by taking oneself out of an emotionally crippling self-destructive routine, one can see the light?   

But, did it have to be so cheap and tidy in the end?

It took a really good story and ended with the message, "dancing with the stars cures all..."  "All" meaning family, relationships, mental health, gambling, and the global economic crisis as it relates to Philadelphia's hardcore sports/budding restaurateur community...   The dancing theme cheapened truly memorable performance by all, especially Cooper and Lawrence (Congratulations on the Oscar, Jennifer, you totally deserved it!  Bradley, I'm now a convert).

I asked the wife what she thought of Silver Linings Playbook.

She answered, "It was better than I thought it would be, not as good as I hoped it would be and not at all deserving of a Best Picture Oscar nomination."

PLEASE NOTE:  The views of the wife do not necessarily reflect the views of Beerbohmtastic.

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